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Our Belief

Learning Reflections firmly belief in the power of “learning and sharing”.
We hope to provide you valuable knowledge through the different media – articles, videos, audios, book summaries/reviews, simple tips etc., that can help generate “thought-provoking” insights as well as “AHA” moments that  will lead us to “rethink, reshape and reinvent” a higher level of learning.
We see this as a platform for us to learn, connect and grow together – both professionally and socially. 


Leadership Under the Microscope

Let’s face it: leadership development has been stuck for a long time. The most fundamental questions are still in dispute.
For example:

· What is this thing we call leadership?

· Is it genetically hardwired into some people but not others?

· Can it be developed?

· If so, what methods really work?

Ironically, these avoid pitfalls and increasing the wonder.

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Building Leaders At Every Level

Grasping challenges involved in making leadership transition will help organizations build a leadership pipeline.

It will also help build a leadership culture that will enable the organization to respond to changes and opportunities in the business environment.

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  Tips To Consider:


The Top 10 Ways to Feel Confident about Public Speaking

Fear of speaking in front of others rates higher than fear of death for a large part of our population.

Mastering the art of feeling confident in front of others can give you a real sense of confidence in yourself and further your goals. Relax and enjoy!



When Change Is Needed: Ten Questions to Ask Yourself

As a manager, you can ease the strain that your employees may experience during periods of rapid change. How?

By reviewing this checklist each and every time you need to communicate a need for change to your staff members.



  Book Review/Summary:


THE SOLUTIONS FOCUS – The Simple Way to Positive Change

Traditional approaches to problem-solving assume a cause and effect between problems and solutions.

The Solutions Focus outlines a different way to attain goals that focuses on solutions not problems; the future not the past; and what to do as opposed to who to blame.

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Leadership Quotes