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Learning Reflections

A warm welcome and thanks for visiting our Learning Reflections website.

“Reflection” is an active process of witnessing one’s own experience in order to take a closer look at it, sometimes to direct attention to it briefly, but often to explore it in greater depth. This can be done in the midst of an activity or as an activity in itself. The key to reflection is learning how to take a perspective on one’s own actions and experience—in other words, to examine that experience rather than just living it. By developing the ability to explore and be curious about our own experience and actions, we suddenly open up the possibilities of purposeful learning—derived not only from books and experts, but from our work and our lives.

This is the very intent of Learning Reflections ;  to create and provide interventions that can help people gain new insights, knowledge or skill etc. and support them through a conscious practice of reviewing, questioning and reassessing etc. thenafter, in making action plans moving forward , whether in an organisation, team or personal setting.

Founded in 2010, our passion is to partner with you in energising organisations, synergising teams and empowering people.

Have a great time browsing and please do contact us with your questions.

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Gerald Ng
Founder and CEO

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